Institutional Digital Repository (IDR) Hosting Service

National Digital Library of India (NDLI), in its continued effort to facilitate and encourage creation, collaboration and dissemination of knowledge among people of the nation, have extended support to various Institutes and Organizations to create, manage, maintain and share their digital assets.

This voluntary collaboration between the Institutes and NDLI seeks to promote reading, research, and the spirit of enquiry among the students, academic teams, and management of the institutions, by making available metadata and in some cases full content of copyright free assets from these Institutes’ repository for larger reach and dissemination.

For Institutes having challenges and limitations in IT resources, NDLI extends hosting and infrastructure support in form of providing dedicated hosting URL, repository application (DSpace) configuration support, and storage space.

However, the organization have to collaborate with NDLI in following aspects:

NDLI currently supports DSpace for hosting the IDR service. The list of institutions that are using this service is as follows: